Our Curriculum

We believe strongly in learning through play (free play and directed play). This philosophy is evident in all classes, extensively in our classes for two-, three- and four-year olds. Spiritual foundations are laid by caring Christian teachers who value each child as a special gift of God and teach and model Christian values. Weekly worship experiences deepen children’s knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and how followers of Christ are called to live while also exposing children to other role models (e.g. pastors, church leaders).
Social development is supported through classrooms that limit class size providing children opportunities to work and play in pairs, small groups and whole class structures. These varying interactions provide experiences that promote genuine caring and respect for others and opportunities for development of self skills as both “leader” and “follower.”
Academic needs are met through a developmentally appropriate program of activities guided by the Abeka Curriculum and the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development. Efforts are made to meet each child’s unique needs and, when and where appropriate, to differentiate practice. Englewood Baptist Weekday Preschool may not, however, be equipped to meet the needs of students identified for services under Part C of the federal law known as IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). Parents are encouraged to share service plans (FSPs, IEPs, Other) with the Director and teacher so decisions best for the child may be made.
Emotional development is encouraged within a loving environment where opportunities for success are provided and growth in self-confidence is fostered. Physical development is ensured through outdoor play on an age-appropriate playground or, when weather prevents outdoor play, in the church’s gymnasium.
Enrichment experiences may be offered by itinerant personnel (e.g. from area school systems or the local library).

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