Dr. Debbie Rollins
Director of Weekday Preschool
Debbie Rollins is an educator at heart – from “playing” school in her grandparents’ backyard through her years of service with public PK-16 schools and universities and her tenure with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to this current season with Weekday Preschool. Expert? By no means! But she says that what she knows for sure is the power and the importance of effective teachers – and she learned this from her teachers, women and men who served as her public school teachers during the week and her Bible School teachers on Sundays.
A small-town girl, Debbie was born and raised in nearby Pitt County, North Carolina. She is grateful for the blessing of being raised by god-fearing parents, grandparents and great grandparents who made sure that she had deep knowledge about God and the Bible. She is especially thankful for the friendship of a fellow namesake who challenged her to go beyond religion to personal relationship with Jesus, a decision Debbie made almost 50 years ago.
Peace and contentment stem from the conviction of her life verse, Psalm 31:15a, “My times are in Your hand…” and her agreement with author, Charles Spurgeon, who wrote, “To have our times in God’s hand must mean not only that they are at God’s disposal, but that they are arranged by the highest wisdom.”
Sarah Dial
Assistant Director
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Mrs. Darlene
Mrs. Rachel
Mrs. Wanda
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