Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook is your guide to policies and procedures for Englewood Baptist Weekday Preschool. At registration you received a document directing you to the webpage where the handbook may be found. Paper copies are not printed. Please contact us if you cannot access the online handbook.
It is especially important that you read, with care and attention the full handbook. Share any questions at any time with the Director or Assistant Director.
Beginning March 2020, Governor Cooper implemented a three-phased approach to slowly lift restrictions while combating COVID-19, protecting North Carolinians and working together to recover the economy. The state provided guidance intended to help licensed/regulated child care facilities make informed decisions about COVID-19 and minimize the risk of exposure to both the staff and the children in their care. Health and safety guidance for child care facilities during COVID-19 is outlined in the Child Care Strong NC Public Health Toolkit. This guidance is routinely and regularly updated to inform many of our practices, including but not limited to, drop-off and arrival procedures, cleaning, monitoring for symptoms and determining when individuals exposed to or contracting the Coronavirus may return to the facility.
The parent handbook details our typical schedules, procedures and policies. Parents are encouraged to refer to the COVID-19 Guidance given at registration to understand any changes that may be in effect (e.g. drop-off, pick-up, entrance to facility).
Click here for information on how to protect yourself and others. (En Espanol)
Dr. Debbie Rollins, Director
(252) 937-9829 x227
Mrs. Cheryl Wallace, Assistant Director
(252) 937-9829 x 249