Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook is your guide to policies and procedures for Englewood Baptist Weekday Preschool. At registration you received a document directing you to the webpage where the handbook may be found. Paper copies are not printed. Please contact us if you cannot access the online handbook.
It is especially important that you read, with care and attention the full handbook. Share any questions at any time with the Director or Assistant Director.
The North Carolina Child Care Strong NC Public Health Toolkit notes that, “after months of decline, North Carolina is experiencing a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations among those who are unvaccinated.” The Toolkit further clarifies that the “Delta variant…is now the predominant strain of the COVID-19 virus in North Carolina.” This strain is, according to the CDC and others, much more contagious than the original virus, more likely to break through protections afforded by the vaccines and may cause more severe disease than all other known versions of the virus.
The current iteration of the Toolkit (August 2, 2021) identifies requirements for childcare facilities, recommendations or practices that should be implemented and considerations for childcare centers.
Requirements are based on existing North Carolina laws and child care rules. To maintain licensure, these must be followed by childcare providers.
Recommended strategies are those the CDC and other health practitioners and researchers note that, if not implemented, create conditions of high risk for COVID-19 exposure and spread. The recommended strategies are believed to provide additional layers of protection and prevention and, according to health practitioners and researchers, if implemented, will further reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread.
Considering that, while individuals aged 12 and older are eligible for vaccination, the Englewood Baptist Weekday Preschool serves children under the age of 12 – children ineligible for vaccination. Further, recognizing the responsibility, obligation and calling of every childcare provider and seeking to live our mission and purpose ‘to assist and support parents and to minister to children and families,’ Weekday Preschool chooses to operate as a trusted source, seeking to assure every parent that actions are being taken to keep children safe, healthy and strong.
In 1990, James Reason, PhD, introduced the “Swiss Cheese Model,” a model since adopted by many industries in an effort to improve safety in the workplace. Reason noted that in any work setting, there are inherent risks. He observed that these risks are never realized because safeguards are in place to prevent them. These safeguards are represented in his model as multiple layers of swiss cheese. However, noted Reason, every process has “holes” that, under the right circumstances, can line up and lead to an error, accident or “hazard” or worse. In layering interventions, many “holes” are blocked and “hazards” thereby averted.
The COVID-19 pandemic requires multiple layers of protection to keep our facility safe. These layers of swiss cheese serve as safeguards for Weekday Preschool and for our children and families. When used consistently and collectively, the holes (or weaknesses) in any single layer of protection will be offset by the strengths of another layer of intervention.
Weekday Preschool has and will continue implementing layered COVID-19 protection and prevention strategies.
*Visitors: Essential Church Personnel (e.g. Facilities, Maintenance, Finance), Itinerant Service Providers (e.g. Therapists, Clinicians), State Childcare Consultants
Advice on Reopening Business: Frequently Asked Questions
ChildCareStrongNC Public Health Toolkit
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The parent handbook details our typical schedules, procedures and policies. Revised, written COVID-19 Guidance will be given to parents during Open House and on the first day of school. Parents are advised to refer to that guidance to understand changes with regard to drop-off, pick-up and other Weekday Preschool procedures.
Click here for information on how to protect yourself and others. (En Espanol)
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