Registration Information

Englewood Baptist Weekday Preschool is excited to open registration for the 2021-2022 school year for both our half-day and our all-day programs. Current families will have opportunity to register February 5 – March 5. Registration for any remaining slots will be opened to the general public March 8 until slots are filled.

The new school year officially begins August 23, 2021. The year will end for half-day students May 23, 2022. Registering guarantees a spot for your child. Applications are available in the Weekday Preschool office. Call to chat with the director, Dr. Debbie (x227), or the assistant director, Mrs. Sarah (x249), to schedule a time when you can complete the application and pay the non-refundable application fee ($75.00). Weekday Preschool expects to continue serving children aged 6 weeks through 4-years-old in the all-day program and ages two through 4 in the half-day program. Children are placed based on their age as of August 31.

Navigate the Weekday Preschool website to learn more!